Children's Place: Deals and Steals!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yesterday I posted on the facebook page that The Children's Place was running a 40% off sale, and then I had the craziest day ever and missed the sale myself... But I checked back today, and it's 50% off everything AND free shipping! This is one of the few places I actually shop for new clothes for the kids, and only when they run insane sales like this - seriously, these prices are ridiculous and will spoil you!

Here are some samplings of what they have:

Leggings for big girls ($5), and $4.25 for little girls

And $4 capri leggings for big girls, $3.50 for little girls (these have seen HEAVY use over the past few years for us and have lasted really well - the twins are still wearing that purple pair Cecilia's wearing in the picture above)

$10 denim jeggings

$6 solid skorts

$5 big girl bike shorts, and $3.50 for little girls (up to size 5T)

A great basic cardigan (in white, rose, and pink) for only $8.50!

$5 pajama sets

$10 big boy jeans (theirs have held up REALLY well for us over the years)

Star Wars Pixelated Characters Graphic Tee

I'm saving this Star Wars shirt for John Paul's birthday - only $6.50!

Tons of basic tees and polo shirts for $5 or less (again, these have held up really well for us!)

Ah! Adorable 3-year-old John Paul in a whole Children's Place outfit - now I'm off to look at what ties they have now, too...

Seriously, I'm so pumped - I just got the girls stocked up on leggings & bike shorts for the year, got John Paul covered for dress pants & jeans (it's SO hard to find used stuff for bigger boys, for obvious reasons), and grabbed a couple polo shirts for John Paul, too. Happy shopping!

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