Regina Caeli - Latin Chant for Toddlers

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One of my favorite things about my husband being a Latin Mass devotee (even though I'm not... I know, MIXED MARRIAGE!) is the fact that he knows all the proper Marian antiphons for the liturgical year, and teaches them to the kids. Hearing the twins sing the Ave Regina Caelorum is one of the cutest things I've ever heard.

So now that it's Easter, we're singing the Regina Caeli - do you sing it too? You should - it's definitely the easiest of the Marian antiphons!

Kendra made all the printables of the Regina Caeli in English so I said, "Hey, can you do it in Latin!" and she graciously declined (I dunno, gestating a baby and homeschooling 7 other kids apparently doesn't give her time to satisfy my whims?). So I figured I'd make one myself with a picture of Mary from our May Crowning last year:

Want to download a high-res version? Here it is!

If you want to pray the whole prayer in Latin (or English), you can find it here. It replaces the Angelus during Eastertide, and the chant is normally sung after Compline (or right before bed if you're us!).

And if you need the chant melody, here it is sung by monks, with the notation right there!

If you're a singing family, or even if you're NOT a singing family, I think this is a really nice thing to add into your daily routine if you aren't doing it already. And I guarantee your kids will love it - we're only on the third day of the Octave and the twins keep requesting the "Special song for Mawwy!"


  1. May I use your Regina Caeli-May Crowning graphic in our parish bulletin for Easter Sunday?

    1. You are welcome to, thank you for asking!


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