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Monday, April 20, 2015

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We might have a serious problem in our house:

My kids won't stop pretending to be vegetables.

I know, not the most popular form of pretend, right? But VeggieTales is one of their absolute favorite shows, and their love for it has permeated the rest of their play!

It started off when we decided they'd only be watching "religious" TV during Lent. They were totally fine with this, because they knew it meant VeggieTales was still allowed! Any show that makes them laugh hysterically (Silly Songs with Larry, anyone?) and imparts a lesson in faith & morals is definitely a winner in my book.

VeggieTales has quickly became a favorite show, which I love because I remember so many of the movies and songs from my childhood! And it's a great way to reinforce Bible stories in a totally different manner than other books and movies.

They've all got their own characters - Peter (the baby) is Junior Asparagus, Cecilia is Laura (the carrot - Junior's best friend), John Paul is Jimmy (the gourd), and the twins are Bob and Larry.

So you can imagine their excitement at getting their own stuffed Bob and Larry toys!

Words cannot express their joy. They. Are. So. Happy!!! I think it's particularly telling that they're actually leaving me alone to make them breakfast in the morning because they're so ecstatic to have Bob and Larry to play with. And I totally get a kick out of the fact that they're playing with vegetables!

They've immediately brought them into the inner circle - Mary Claire very carefully tucked Larry in before she went off to eat her breakfast.

And Bob is always giving Larry piggyback rides!

We've been eating a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes lately, and every single time we do the kids talk about how they're eating Bob and Larry. And they're happy about it. 

It's kind of weird...

Needless to say, this is one toy that isn't getting forgotten any time soon! Bob and Larry have been playing in the sand with the twins, going down the slide, playing in the water table (they dry quickly!), and even sleeping with them!

The best part? Bob and Larry have been taming the post-nap grumpies - Mary Claire and Elizabeth are usually SO angry when they wake up from their naps, but the moment they see Bob and Larry, they're back to their cheerful selves!

Peter's a big fan too - I think we might have to head back to the Walmart where we got these and pick up a Junior Asparagus for him! And Cecilia and John Paul want to know when they'll be getting their own, too - they have Laura Carrot and Petunia Rhubarb at Walmart, too (and all sorts of other sizes of toy, including GIANT Bob and Larry!). You can check out more news from VeggieTales on Facebook!

Who are your favorite characters? Are my kids the only ones who pretend to be vegetables?

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