It's My Birthday! How about a HUGE Giveaway? {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, April 24, 2015

Okay I apologize, these are the longest Quick Takes ever...

But it's worth it! I promise!

See, it's my birthday tomorrow, and as you can see everyone is SO excited about it:

See? John Paul's card is BURSTING with enthusiasm!

Cecilia's is a little more exciting... I think that might be me wearing a backpack? But that's the wrapping paper - inside it is my card that I'm not allowed to open until Saturday!

The 25th, in case you were wondering. John Paul got confused. "Alleluia!"

Anyway, it's my 29th birthday tomorrow! And in celebration of the LAST year of my 20s, I teamed up with a bunch of really awesome ladies for a great big giveaway for YOU!

It makes sense - I like giving presents WAY more than getting them, and if you win you're getting a LOT!


Something to wear:

These adorable baby leggings from Nell at Whole Parenting Family in size 0-6 months

Too sweet for words!


Something to read:

A printable pdf version of the famous Kelly Mantoan's planner, The Best Laid Plans

I have a hard copy and I LOVE it! I'm not a "planner" person but this has really been helping me organize my meal planning, garden planning, grocery shopping, and feast days. And having Kelly's witty voice throughout is a HUGE bonus!

An electronic copy of Rosaries Aren't {Just} For Teething, featuring reflections on the mysteries of the rosary by SO many of your favorite bloggers, from Michele at My Domestic Monastery.

I'm so excited to read this when it comes out!


Something for prayer:

A cord rosary in "Blessed Blue" from Sarah at Cherishing Everyday Beauty - blessed by her father the deacon, and infused with her prayers!

Babyproof! And the absolute perfect color blue, in my opinion!

A handmade chaplet from Cam at A Woman's Place.

Who doesn't have a soft spot for St. Therese?

A crocheted set of Rosary Roses from Annie at Annery at Home.

How perfect are these for little hands?


Something pretty:

A flexi clip of your choice in size mini-large from Lilla Rose - Mandi Richards.

I LOVE mine!!!

A custom Mother's Embroidered Rosette Necklace from Jenna at Call Her Happy.

Her instagram feed is so beautiful, full of her lovely embroidery and her adorable kids - go follow her now!


Something artsy:

A framed print from Rakstar Designs, Rakhi at The Pitter Patter Diaries' etsy shop.

This will be beautiful framed and hanging in your home!


Something for play:

A saint block of your choice from Lindsey at AlmondRod Toys.

I've mentioned several times how much the kids love these - they absolutely adore them!


Something for whatever you want:

And a $10 Amazon gift card from me, as a thank you for ordering through my Amazon affiliate links.

Because I'm not good enough at crafting to make you anything!

There are a million ways to enter - choose one, choose a bunch, choose them all, it's up to you! I hope you win :)
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