Sunday, April 5, 2015

It has come to my attention that I really need to plan out how we're going to stand for family pictures from now on...  Because these did NOT work.

Ah well, Happy Easter anyway!

Once again, I had in my mind a really cute sibling picture. But Mary Claire tends to look in pain any time she's posing for a picture and Elizabeth would NOT let go of the bag of plastic eggs.

So, you know, we ended up with shots like this:

I'll treasure it forever, I seriously will!

After spending hours and hours researching what to wear for Easter, I actually ended up making a skirt!

I did NOT make that petticoat - I actually didn't know if it would arrive in time for Easter and was pleasantly surprised when it showed up on Saturday!

(Incidentally, it's only $16 on Amazon and if you tend to love fuller silhouettes like me I think it's definitely worth a buy!)

Cecilia was even more excited than I was - "MOM! You can wear this when you dress up like a QUEEN!!!"

The skirt is very much not perfect, and ended up being a little too big in the waist, so I'll have to take it in. But I LOVE it! I used this tutorial but got confused on the pockets, so I just gave up and made it without. If you're an extremely novice sewer like me, you can probably puzzle through it... If you're intermediate-advanced, you could do it no problem!

And one more shot with the hat (Mary Claire. You see what I mean???).

Oh yes, I chopped all my hair off this week, hence the new 'do. And Saturday was spent nursing these little sickies, but thankfully they seem to have mostly recovered! They were VERY sad to have to miss Mass, though...  But an Easter without puking is the BEST kind of Easter!

My very VERY favorite part of the day, though, is the sheer number of spontaneous "ALLELUIA!" exclamations from the kids. John Paul and Cecilia were reading in their room before bed and I just kept hearing them say, "Cecilia?" "Yeah?" "ALLELUIA!!!" and so on.

And apparently the appropriate response to "I love you!" is "I love you too! Alleluia!!!"

So there you have it - I love YOU! Alleluia! And He is risen! Alleluia!!!

Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday - I'm so excited to see what YOU wore!

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