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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some recent favorites...

These dress-up skirts - a friend gave these to the girls months ago and they wear them every. single. day (sometimes at night, too...) - they're holding up REALLY well despite being washed many times, and they're easy for the twins to put on by themselves which is a HUGE plus!

I bought this tomato fertilizer two years ago and have definitely seen a big difference in our tomatoes since I started using it - the bag is still more than half full, so it lasts a while! I follow up the fertilizer application with this fish emulsion fertilizer (it smells VILE but seems to work really well on all our plants) and am probably going to need to buy a new bottle soon, but again it lasted for ages and is a nice organic way to provide more nutrients to your plants.

I've linked to this waffle recipe before, but I just want to reiterate how deliciously amazing yeasted waffles are! You make the batter the night before, so it takes almost no extra time in the morning. Waffle Wednesdays are the best!

And last, here's one of our current favorite books, which comes in a sturdy board book version and is fun to read! We've checked it out so many times from the library that it's probably time to buy our own copy!

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