Sunday, June 21, 2015

Perfect Sandals and Baby Updates {WIWS}

This morning was one of those don't-have-time-to-iron-throw-something-on Sunday mornings. Jersey dress to the rescue! Cecilia did NOT wear that to Mass, but she found it afterwards in a bag of consignment store finds, and HAD to change her outfit into this "nightgown dress."

Those sandals are new though; after MONTHS of scouring the internet for a new pair of sandals (and I pretty much just wanted the exact same pair I had before because they were so comfortable), I searched on Amazon and found...

The exact same pair.

In multiple colors.

And way cheaper than I expected.

So I clickety-clicked and $30 and two days later, my new mint sandals arrived!

Seriously, if you need the perfect sandal, these hold up REALLY well, are incredibly comfortable, and come in a million colors and sizes!

This adorable guy has his two bottom teeth! They were hard-won, with many weeks of inexplicable fussiness before they finally broke through (I'm pretty good at babies, but I can NEVER tell when they're teething - he was drooly for MONTHS and those gums look exactly the same to me until the first tooth actually breaks...).

Of course, he's still rather fussy now that the teeth are in. And still won't sleep unless he's nursing and/or wedged in my armpit or Andrew's.

It's funny because he's rather high-maintenance but still gives HUGE smiles to anyone he sees even if he's in a miserable mood, so he seems like a happy, cheerful baby! At least there's only one of him.

He's making forward progress with his crawling/scooting, but only if he REALLY wants something - generally a ball or a shoe (proving my hypothesis that babies are essentially puppies).

He *can* sit up but would much rather try to crawl because sitting is boring.

His hair seems to be staying reddish!

And he's so spoiled by his older siblings, who just want to play with him ALL the time (and snatch his toys, unfortunately...).

Happy Father's Day to all of you & your families!

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