50 More Reasons My Toddler(s) Won't Nap

Monday, June 15, 2015

She took her dress off
She got one arm out of her sleeve and can't get it back in
She took off her diaper, changed into underwear, and now she needs to pee
She has peed in her second diaper, removed it, and peed all over her pillow, sheet, and a book. (But she mopped it up with a wipe...)

She threw her dress out of her crib and wants it back
She pooped
She pooped again

She can't throw Mario out of her crib
Mario is out of her crib but he needs to be out of the ROOM
She threw EVERYTHING out of her crib and wants it back
There's a fluff on her finger
There's a fluff on the floor that looks like a bug
There's a hair in her mouth and she can't get it out
She needs her bow back in her hair
She took her bow out again
She's scared of the curtain

The noise machine stopped (because she unplugged it)
The sound on the noise machine is wrong (because she pressed a button to change it)
It's playtime!
Her toe is hurting
It's BLEEDIN!!! (it's not.)
She needs "something" What? "Um, somethin'"
Her dress is on backwards
She's "NEK-kid!!!"

She needs to practice galloping
A truck drove by and it's COMIN!!!
Something is on the ceiling (light. from the window.)
She needs a hug and a kiss.
No, a BIG kiss!!!
On the OTHER cheek!
And a hug!!!

She needs a book
She ripped up her book and needs it to be thrown away
She needs another book
She found a scrap of paper and it needs to be thrown away RIGHT NOW!
Her pillowcase is full of the pieces of ripped up book that she tried to hide and now she can't sleep.
She needs to hug and kiss the baby.
Her pillow is wet. Because she was sucking on it.
She needs her fingernails clipped NOW!!!
She can't reach something. What? SOMETHING!!!

There's a book stuck between her crib and the wall.
Last week she had a pink barrette and she wants it back. NOW.
She needs socks so she can go ice skating.
She took her socks off and she needs them back on NOW.
She needs her milk that she refused to drink during lunch.
Actually, she would like to finish her lunch also.

Remember when nap time was a quiet time during the day when you could recharge while your kids slept or played quietly?

Yeah. Me neither.

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