Stitch Fix #2 - June 2015 {7QT}

Friday, June 12, 2015

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I'll say this right now: 

Getting a Stitch Fix box is like Christmas.

I got my fix on Wednesday and was pretty excited to try things out during nap time! The black skirt was perfect to fill in a gap in my wardrobe, the blue skirt is adorable with the crochet detail, and I was reserving judgment on the others.


This Loveappella Elise Crochet Detailed Swing Skirt (S, $58) was SO cute, but in order to wear it at my natural waist, it was just too short for me.

And pulling it down lower (elastic waist, yay!) didn't help - just made an awkward muffin top!

Verdict: No.


This Mavi Rue Denim Dress (S, $54) was tempting - I would have styled it with a belt and it's a really versatile piece, but I already have a denim shirt dress. This dress is also Mavi and looks exactly the same, but is $98 on Amazon, which I thought was interesting. Looks like Stitch Fix cuts you a deal sometimes!

Verdict: No.


The Skies are Blue Barnet Button Down Top (S, $44) was... Odd.

Good, in theory. But just looked bad bad bad on me.

Verdict: No.


In the picture above and in this picture, I'm wearing the Pixley Blakely Cargo Skirt (S, $68). I was excited about this because it looked like a really convenient basic skirt, but the waist was small enough that I had to wear it at my natural waist and then it was too short. I considered exchanging it for a larger size, but for $68 it was an insubstantial enough fabric that I didn't think it was worth it.

Verdict: No.


My absolute favorite item in the fix was the Pixley Digby Embroidered Halter Top (S, $58). The drape was perfect and while I don't normally go for a boho look, I really liked the embroidery. But... 

Hand wash only. (Okay yes I know, you all wash it on delicate and it's fine. But that's STILL a lot of work for me for something so much more expensive than anything I ever buy!)

And the neckline was such that even wearing a racerback bra didn't guarantee my straps wouldn't show. 

The clincher here for me was when Abbey reminded me that Peter would suck on the tassels and then they'd leave drool marks all over my shirt...

Verdict: No.

So I sadly sent this one back also, and went hunting online for a suitable replacement and found some good ones:

I'm leaning towards the top left - never thought I'd like this sort of top because I'm so NOT boho, but it's perfect for summer!


So maybe Stitch Fix isn't for me? I left very detailed notes (well, as detailed as possible - they cut you off after a certain number of characters) about why things didn't work, and I emailed their customer service about the whole hand wash issue - I know a lot of moms who've had the same issue, way too many "hand wash only" or "dry clean only" items in their fixes and ain't nobody got time for that!

I'm going to try it one more time (because I have a little bit of credit from a really nice person who clicked through my referral link, thank you!!!) and see if we can make it work. I want to - I think it's a really fun way to get exposed to trends that I wouldn't otherwise have tried.

Want to try your own fix? I'd love it if you click through my referral link! I get a little credit towards getting another fix to blog about :)

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