Friday, February 12, 2016

I tried getting pictures of each kid from above this week - I'm still learning where the good light is in our house, and sometimes the pictures end up blurry because I misjudged whether the light would be good or not!

Peter (14.5 months) is the cutest ever in this hat my sister made - he mostly refuses to keep it on his head because it's funnier to say "HAT!" and then rip it off and throw it on the floor (then come running to me begging to put it on again. Repeat.).

John Paul (6.5) was *just* beginning to get his first loose tooth when I took this picture, and has since lost it! He was so, so nervous when he realized it was going to fall out, but upon learning he would get to take a trip to the dollar store, he was anxious for it to fall out already! (He bought a pack of gum and has been sharing with Cecilia, sweet kid)

Elizabeth (3 years 2 months) was dressed up in some strange outfit in this picture... I think a dress-up skirt as a poncho? With another fancy skirt beneath it - she and Mary Claire have been letting Cecilia dress them in all sorts of ridiculous outfits and disappearing into their room for long periods of time to find the *perfect* thing. It means their room is a total disaster, but they're having such sweet sister bonding time and it's SO funny to see what they come downstairs in!

Cecilia (5) is blurry here... In my defense, I wasn't even aiming the camera, I was holding Peter, held it above her head, told her to look up, and snapped. She was doing math in the workbook she *begged* me to get her (a Disney Princess kindergarten workbook) and decided she needed to wear her bathrobe as her "math coat" because that's what kids who like math do. Right? Sure.

Meanwhile, Mary Claire (3 years 2 months) was right next to her, and *also* wanted a picture. Even though she had a mouth full of carrot. So... I did it, pirate smile and all! She and Elizabeth are *really* into whole carrots right now, which makes me greatly appreciate just how cheap the 5 lb bags are at the grocery store!

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