Easter Style Thoughts {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, February 19, 2016


The snow is (mostly) melted, the days are getting longer, we're in the throes of Lent and... Easter is coming! 

All Jesus talk aside, one of my favorite things about Easter is dressing to the nines with the family & taking one of our twice yearly pictures together:


The kids are all covered (Christmas outfits being reused + snazzy hats for the girls), but Easter is really the *one* time of year I buy something nice for myself, so I've been browsing spring offerings to try to figure out what direction I want to go in.


I've been eyeing this gorgeous pleated skirt for ages, waiting for it to go in sale - it's currently $45 but I'm trying to decide if it might go lower...

Affiliate links included below - if you click & buy I get a few pennies towards the purchase of something beautiful!

It's reminiscent of a skirt I had for ages that finally bit the dust, and I'd really love to replace it:


The skirt also comes in a gorgeous coral color, which would look AWESOME paired with this blazer:

The blazer comes in a ton of other colors, too, which makes it a pretty appealing option - pretty sure my older blazers from my working days will NEVER button again!


Also in the running:

This dress - love that color, and nursing-friendly ftw!


What would you pick? I love them all!


And it also might be time to get a new hat, since I've been wearing that one for YEARS... So many good options here!

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