Monday, February 1, 2016

Peter (14.5 months) loves to climb onto our battered Ikea children's chairs and smirk at me while he bounces up and down and refuses to get off. Hence the blurry picture.

This is Elizabeth's sideways drawing of Lowly Worm (bottom), St. Joseph with a belly (middle), and some accidental scribbles (top) - her people are actually pretty good!

This was her reaction when I asked if I could take a picture of it before she cut it to pieces...

This is Mary Claire's drawing of "The Ocean" complete with "fish"

It's fascinating to see how differently the twins develop - Elizabeth has a perfect pencil grip despite no instruction, but Mary Claire goes for it with her whole fist. Elizabeth is drawing recognizable people and Mary Claire is just getting into lines and circles. She'll catch up in no time, I'm sure!

Cecilia decided to make a paper doll with lots of different dresses to go along with her - we traced some figures from a puppet book some friends gave us and it kept the older two occupied for quite a while!

Of course, the planning was more exciting than the execution - she lost steam after we finished the first dress and we put it aside to finish another day.

John Paul actually held still long enough to trace and color the cute baby Jesus (unfinished in this picture, obviously) - he is NOT a coloring fan, so I'm always really interested to see what actually captures his attention when it comes to arts and crafts.

He's very much a perfectionist, so tracing helps him be a little more in control of the finished product. Now to figure out how to help him learn how to draw the things he wants to be able to draw without the ensuing temper tantrums because it didn't turn out right...

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