Magical Hand Cream, Sanity Savers, etc {Five Favorites}

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's been ages since I've done a truly random, "Here are 5 things I love right now" post, so since I know you're SO curious... Here are 5 things I love right now!

Affiliate links included - thanks for helping fund my book buying!


These seed starting trays are the easiest ever. John Paul and Cecilia helped me start seeds in them last weekend and I didn't have to touch them at all except to lift them once the two of them were done (which is so great because I find it tedious planting each row, but they were SO into it!). They come with pellets that expand when you add water, which you can transplant directly without having to pop them out of the tray like the other kits we've used (which, when kids are helping, often results in the seedling getting yanked out of the soil completely...).

We've got 3 trays set up in the (very sunny) upstairs bathroom on a plastic shelving unit - in case you're curious, the broccoli and romaine lettuce sprouted first, and the roma tomatoes still have nothing to show for their effort.


It's probably ridiculous to admit, but I've had issues with cracked and peeling skin on my right thumb for... Probably 9 months? It started when I weeded too much in the garden without gloves, and I could never manage to keep it dry long enough to let it heal with bandaids and lotion or neosporin. Then the constant bandaid use made the BACK of my thumb start getting cracked and bleeding (seriously, for months. Why did I not just google what to do???), and the dry winter air left that entire right hand in miserable condition.

So then I finally Googled, "best hand cream for cracked skin" and found this gem:

And all the people said amen! This hand cream is amazing. AMAZING. Doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy, doesn't smell like much of anything (I hate most artificial scents), and has miraculously healed my long-suffering hands!!!

I can't believe it took me this long to fix this stupid problem. 


A college friend of mine (who has his PhD in math) recommended this book for John Paul - I finally got around to buying it and he adores it. I can't get him to put it down, he loves it so much. And now he's badgering us all day long to play different math games with him, but also spending a ton of time immersed in this book figuring out different ways to play with numbers, logic games, and math tricks. 

It comes recommended for kids who love math AND kids who hate math - so if you've got a math-averse kid, this might actually be a great book for them as well! 


I've been feeling grumpier than usual lately, and figured it was probably time to up my magnesium intake. I've done magnesium oil in the past and it works really well, but sticking to the regimen I used before Peter was born is impossible these days... A lot of friends recommended this supplement, which is actually fairly tasty and easy to remember to drink because it's fizzy and sweet. I've noticed a big difference in my grump levels & stress, even in these gray winter days! Highly recommend.


This is so lame, but my usb cord was not charging my phone at all. I ordered these and now it's charging faster than ever! They're longer than what I'm used to, and sturdier so I don't have to worry about the kids breaking them. 

And that's all I've got! Stop by Ashley's blog and check out more Five Favorites posts!

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