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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Many years ago, when I was just about to graduate with a very expensive degree from a highly-ranked college, it seemed obvious that my future husband and I would wait the appropriate 2 years before having children. We were married the week after I graduated, he was in law school, and I was jobless.

God had other plans. Four months after we were married, I was pregnant.

We were scared about how we would be able to afford this baby - I was still unemployed and uninsured, but I had heard about a pro-life OBGYN near where we had both grown up, and knew I'd be more comfortable talking about my "unplanned pregnancy" in an environment that's supportive of families in difficult situations.

Well, it all worked out, obviously! And they were wonderful - we've had 5 babies there, and now that we've moved it's unlikely we'll have any more with their practice... But their mission is important, and they need a larger facility and more providers in order to serve more women and families.

I'm excited to be partnering with Annie from Annery at Home for a charity auction on Tuesday, February 9. She's created a beautiful set of goods (pictures and details below) and is auctioning everything off, including shipping, starting at $50 (retail value $100).

And 100% of the proceeds go to charity!

There are 10 sets up for auction from different artisans partnering up with other bloggers, beginning at 9 AM CST with bidding ending at Midnight CST. Check out Zelie and Co. on instagram, or search for the hashtag #ZelieCharityAuction for all the sets up for auction!

First Communion veil (26" long, double reinforced attached to plastic comb for easy styling, hand stitched, lace edged tulle).

Cross bracelet (6" long, chain mail inspired design with cross charm) Mysteries of the Rosary Prayer Cards (all four sets, laminated cards)

Rosary Roses (10 pink and 1 white to pray a decade of the rosary)

Fabric carrying bag (fully lined fabric bag with drawstring closure to keep roses organized on the go)

If you love what you see, please check out Annie's etsy shop, Annery's Handmade! And don't forget to check out the auction on Tuesday, February 9! Several other bloggers are participating as well, so I'll keep you updated on Facebook so you know what to get excited for!

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