8/52: What They Said

Monday, February 29, 2016

You'll forgive me for the out-of-focus shots as I adjust to my new camera lens, right?

Oh finally I got my hands on a 50mm lens! I've been wanting to upgrade since before Peter was born, but couldn't justify the expense... But when a whole bunch checks came in the mail all at one time, I splurged!

I've got a backlog of "what they said" quotes in my email drafts, so I'm going to try to clear those out and post them in these weekly posts:

Mary Claire, 3

Mary Claire attempts to sniff, but can't because her nose is too stuffy...

Me: What's wrong, Mary Claire?!
MC: My nose has no energy!!!

I suppose I can see why that would be so distressing...

Elizabeth, 3

Elizabeth: I'll get a pink fancy dress for Christmas with aaaargyle!

Aim high, kid. Argyle is the best!

Cecilia, 5

John Paul and Cecilia come to the living room to perform a "dance" that mostly consists of Cecilia leaping around and making John Paul twirl her repeatedly...

John Paul, slightly annoyed: When will this dance be over?
Cecilia, twirling 6 or 7 more times: When I get too dizzy!!!

Peter, 15 months

Peter, leafing through basically every book we own: Dah! Bah! Dah! Bah!

Yup, you found the dog and the ball on every page.

John Paul, 6.5

JP: You're a NAUGHTY girl! You're not going to get ANY presents for Christmas!
Cecilia: Yes I am!
JP: No you're not!
Cecilia: Well, Santa Claus isn't even real!!!

Aaaand, we have a winner! #realist

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