18/52: Farm Kids

Friday, May 13, 2016

It was a flower crown sort of day - the clover was crazy-high with nice long stems, so I made crowns for all the girls. Cecilia adored hers, Mary Claire ate hers (yes, she ate it.), and Elizabeth (3.5)? Well, you can see how she loved it!

Mary Claire (3.5) is on track to be one of those adults who goes on Man Vs. Wild and TOTALLY slays it. She knows exactly what is edible outdoors (to a fault, at times, like when she rips every single leaf off the kale seedlings and eats them), and I think sustains herself on onion grass and lamb's quarters.

John Paul (6.5) has become quite the chicken wrangler! He and Andrew have been working on the fencing in their yard, and every once in a while one of them will manage to escape. Off goes John Paul, who was scared to even hold a tiny chick when we got them because he was afraid they would peck him... He catches them and tosses them back in the yard, no problem!

Peter (1.5) liked the chickens a lot better when they were smaller... Now he's gotten a little overwhelmed when they all rush him, thinking he has food! "Chih-chih... Chih-chih!!!" That's how I know it's time to rescue him.

Every night when we're getting the little three down, Cecilia (5) and John Paul play outside for an hour or two, making up all sorts of games and using random tools to accomplish their goals. Maybe I can teach her how to wield a shovel better than I do?

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