Did Somebody Say Potty Training?

Monday, May 2, 2016

So far in our parenting careers, we've successfully potty trained 4 children! Hurrah! I feel like I should get a medal, or maybe a bottle of wine?

But it's not quite a 100% success with the four oldest quite yet...

There's one lone nighttime holdout. 

Our oldest was night trained by the time he was 3. Our 2nd was 18 months (I KNOW. It was the BEST.) The twins took longer to day train, so I wasn't surprised that night training took a while as well - both were day trained by about 2.5, but it wasn't until after their 3rd birthday that we started having dry nighttime diapers every once in a while. And then... It stopped.

Well, one of them continued doing really well staying dry every night. The other twin? Had a dry diaper at Thanksgiving and still talks about it.

It's May.

And while I know that it takes some kids longer than others to stay dry at night, she was soaking through her cloth diaper and dirtying her sheets nearly every night. She's almost 3.5. And that toddler pee? Reeks.

Bribery hasn't worked, putting her in cloth training pants hasn't worked, and I'm too scared to go straight to underwear at night because I don't want to deal with the mess! So I'm going totally out of my usual comfort zone and... trying Pull-Ups®.

Dollar General has a good selection of sizes, and Elizabeth absolutely adored what we brought home!

We were smart enough to wait until right before bedtime, because I knew she'd want to wear one right away. She was ecstatic to be trying something new, and had no problem putting them on by herself!

There's a design on them that fades if it gets wet, so she's been really eager to stay dry solely so that her heart or flower or doctor bag (there are a few different designs) is still there in the morning. We haven't made it 100% but I think we're getting closer!

I took the Pull-Ups Potty Training Quiz and found out that Elizabeth's personality is a "Turtle" - content with the way things are, and resistant to change. I'd say that's true! She's been perfectly happy in her diaper every night and keeps telling me that "maybe I'll stay dry when I'm 4..." Looking at the more detailed description, she was *definitely* resistant to potty training at first, really during every step of the way. Now that we've reached the final step, she's been digging in and making this process take forever!

Seriously, the advice they have tailored to each potty training type is spot-on and really helpful - if you're worried about potty training or are currently having trouble with it, I highly recommend their quiz and accompanying information! You can also find games, tips, and tricks right here.

Now she's excited to pick out her Pull-Up every night, and I think she's been peeing less in them each night? Truthfully, all the kids love them and are so excited to see her succeed! And I love that she can put these on and take them off all by herself - she wakes up in the morning and goes to the bathroom by herself, gets underwear, and puts that on also! Before the Pull-Ups, she wouldn't even put her underwear on by herself, so this is huge.

You can sign up here for Dollar General Digital Coupons and download a coupon for $2 off Pull-Ups® Training Pants - just create an account, load the coupons you want to use, and redeem them at the checkout. I know I never remember to print coupons, so being able to load them on a mobile device is so helpful!

Many thanks to Pull-Ups and Dollar General for sponsoring this post!

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