20/52: Cabin Fever

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

When it rains for approximately 3 weeks straight with very little respite, sometimes we have to resort to indoor foot races...

The girls kept trying to hold hands and skip, except Mary Claire can't skip, so she kept running ahead and everyone would fall down. I can't count how many times they did this, but it was hilarious and amazing.

Cecilia and Elizabeth had a little more success without Mary Claire (and that's Elizabeth's requested hair style, little fashionista), although every single shot of Cecilia ended up blurry or completely unflattering...

Peter, of course, had to join in. He thinks it's HILARIOUS to run from one end of the room to the other, especially because we all cheer him on. Wouldn't you? Look at that smile!

And Elizabeth is SO pleased to have mastered skipping - it's the cutest little splay-legged skip, and definitely one of those things that I'll miss when she grows out of it.

John Paul, on the other hand, takes skipping very seriously. Kid's got it down - he's almost 7, after all!

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