19/52: Soccer Time!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Generally every night after dinner I go upstairs to lie in bed and feel horrible for a while before getting the kids down, but tonight I actually wasn't feeling too bad! And the kids were being adorable all playing soccer outdoors with Andrew, so I tried to sneak some pictures...

Of course Peter (1.5) caught me immediately and came running! Because what's better than walking? Making your pregnant, sore, exhausted mom (who happens to have loose ligaments that make her joints really painful) carry you everywhere!

Good thing he's cute.

Mary Claire (3.5) was an intimidating, if ineffective goalie. That is, when she wasn't picking clover flowers and lying down in the goal.

John Paul (6.5) is the one who's really into this - I need to get his friends to come over more often, because he will play soccer out there for HOURS if there are other people to play with him! I think he's actually getting better, too? He's never been much for athleticism, though not for lack of trying - the coordination just isn't quite there, but I think that with the constant practice, I'm seeing improvement!

Elizabeth (3.5) mostly wanted to look for interesting plants and show them to me.

And Cecilia (5) was playing for a while, but then noticed how nicely the soccer ball fit under her dress. (Side note: I remember my ENTIRE soccer team doing that when I was a kid - universal girl thing? Universal kid thing?) "I'm pregnant! I'm having twins!!! *solemn face* I'm having triplets."

That's probably about the face I'd make, too...

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