5/52: Eating Snow and Cheese Faces

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We had a teeeeeny bit of snow here last week, and the kids suited up to play in it with great enthusiasm! It all melted by the afternoon, so I didn't get any pictures. Peter eating the dirty snow off the rug was the best I could do. Yes, I let him. Because... Whatever.

I love how they all have to sit as close to each other as possible while watching Cecilia use her sticker books. Elizabeth never actually ended up getting dressed that day - she realized at bedtime that she'd been wearing a princess costume and never put on real clothes!

For some reason the kids have put a whole bunch of seashells in the bathroom. I thought, whatever, they looked like somewhat intentional decor? But no, they've been using them to scoop water and drink it. Maybe we should get the water table back out, even though it's February...

Cecilia's birthday bunting and twinkle lights are going to stay up until Lent, I think. I'm not a huge fan of how the bunting turned out (so much fabric for such a small product, and I like the neat look of the sewn triangles a lot better...), but the girls want it in their room so it'll go there when we take it down.

And how is it that hot chocolate can make such a ridiculous mess on one child's face? It's a DRINK!

Peter's indignant face up there is because it was nap time and he was NOT READY. "I'M dust going to stand wight HERE!!!" It didn't work out for him.

Edith is our very smiliest baby ever, I think. Also the cutest. I say that every time, though. 

Andrew brought in the shelving unit we used to start seeds last year, so I'm getting ready to turn the upstairs bathroom into a mini-greenhouse again. We currently have mealworms living in a tupperware bin behind that door (don't you wish you could come visit?), so hundreds of seedlings is really going to class up the whole place! And I need to get the seeds started soon so the kids stop using the shelves as "beds..." I just love their "cheese" faces in that middle picture! 

Apparently John Paul made it into zero pictures this week. That's the trouble with abandoning the "one picture of each child" post in favor of "here's what happened this week" instead...

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