Morse Code, Cyrillics, and Baby Bruises {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, February 17, 2017


The very best Valentine I received was made completely unprompted by John Paul:

Nobody has ever said they love me in Morse code before!


I might like the one he made for Andrew better:


I used some thredUp credit to get John Paul a sweater vest to wear to Mass, and the kids were so excited that there were valentines in the package!

Turns out it's a shopping credit - I don't know if you can combine it with the usual $10 credit for first-time customers, but it's worth a shot! Click through here and use the code 20FORPUN - let me know if it lets you use the $10 AND $20 credit? I'm curious...


If you've been waiting to try Stitch Fix, now is the perfect time!! Now they're offering men's clothing AND plus sizes if you have a friend or a husband who's interested! Here's my referral link 😊:


Do you follow Zelie and Co. on Instagram? They're having a craft retreat in April and it looks so, so fun! If you're in the Michigan area (or willing to travel) you've gotta check it out so I can live vicariously through you!


Can you tell that these takes are entirely composed from my phone? Edith is currently sitting on my lap sucking on her fingers and refusing to fall asleep, so I might as well get something done, right?  There's only so much you can just gaze at your adorable baby...

Plus gazing is dangerous! I had her on the floor earlier and Peter tripped over a pillow and whacked her in the forehead with a toy phone! 

So she's sporting a nice large bruise, even though I was literally hovering RIGHT over her while she smiled and cooed at me! We'll just call it a badge of honor...


I'm going to call it quits - check out more takes at Kelly's!

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