Week by Week, 7/52: Fountains and Seedlings

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

 Sweet Edith's hair is growing fastest at the top (but not around her face!), so I couldn't help but put it in a little fountain - you can only see if you look very closely, because it's right by John Paul's face and dwarfed by his unruly hair! I promise I'll give him a nice short cut *very* soon.

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100+ seedlings have been started and most seem to have germinated in the past couple of weeks! I try not to get my hopes too high, since just because they've germinated doesn't mean they'll amount to anything. These little starter kits work really well, but I have to remember to transplant the seedlings that need deeper roots (tomatoes!!!) in a few weeks or they'll languish. Our upstairs bathroom makes a nice little greenhouse and so far the kids have left things alone. What these will amount to remains to be seen, and we've got many more to start as well. It would be nice to eventually grow enough to sell or do some sort of CSA, but it's just so darned hard to find time to weed and work in the garden in this season of life! This year I'm not pregnant, so I'm hoping it'll be easier to get things done in the garden. Having an infant is vastly easier than being pregnant for me!

The girls' room is newly cleaned and I'm working with them to *keep* it clean. So far we're 3 days in and it's going well! They all agree that having a clean room is wonderful and feels so nice, but they don't exactly want to put the work in to clean it when they dump all the dress-up clothes out of the underbed storage drawers...

I ordered a couple really sweet prints from Fawnly Prints (20% off through the end of February with the code 1YEAR) to continue the mini-gallery wall that we seem to have going in the girls' room. And that crooked print is driving me nuts!! Ordering some of this to keep pictures straight. I'm not the best at interior decorating, but every single little thing I do makes the kids so very happy, so I'm trying a little harder to make things more beautiful.

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