6/52: Compost

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It was INCREDIBLY warm for the first few days last week - so warm that I felt silly having Edith in her usual uniform of fleece pajamas! The kids were outside for hours and hours every day and school fell by the wayside (really, this is school too...) and it was wonderful! We noticed the chickens scratching away at the compost that needed to be spread, so I figured I'd enlist the kids' help filling up the wheelbarrow.

They were SO EXCITED! And actually fairly helpful, even though some of them used small trowels and an old jack-o-lantern scoop to dig into the pile... 

The trouble is, the majority of the pile has ended up being chicken poop and pine shavings from the coop, which is relatively acidic and doesn't decompose super-fast. So we've spread it around the blueberries (they like acid) and I'll see what other plants would benefit from it... Now that the chickens eat most of the food scraps, there's a lot less going on the pile, and a lot more waste of their own that's going on it. There I go talking about chicken poop... Well, sorry!

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