Week by Week, 8/52: Crocuses and Slingshots

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

With the warm weather we've been having, I'd been checking the front yard (where we planted crocuses the year we moved in) for the first blooms of spring every day. Cecilia came SCREAMING inside, ecstatic, to tell me she had found one!

Then we found a few more, as well!

Everyone had been begging to paint for weeks, and finally it was warm enough and Peter was napping, so I got out the tempera paints (well, they got them out), filled palettes for everyone, got them smocks and paper, and... Listened to the screams of rage as their paper blew away.


Instead I had them paint old scraps of wood flooring and wood pallets. Apparently they ended up painting a wheelbarrow handle and their bodies as well, and then took paints down to the pond to paint the pipes there. Then John Paul moved on to using his giant slingshot (made of a huge stick and some sewing elastic that I hastily cut for him to get him to leave me alone to get the baby down for a nap). 

The forsythia is blooming, and garlic and shallots are growing like crazy! It'll be a couple more weeks before we plant peas, but the kids are already talking about how much fun it was to eat them last year, and are eager for everything to start growing. Cecilia has big plans for me to make fruit tarts out of every single fruit that grows on our land.

Meanwhile Edith tags along on all our adventures, and occasionally allows herself to be put down!

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