10/52/2018: Who Needs Toys When You've Got Firewood?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

We've been using the wood stove a lot more this winter, owing in part to rising energy costs, insufficient electric heat, and just the general pleasant smell & warmth that a wood stove supplies. The other day the little kids were VERY eager to bring in some firewood themselves. Mary Claire, Elizabeth, and Peter each brought in a few sticks, then set them all upright and decided that rather than actually burn them, they would use them as seats, stools, tables, and book stands.

Really, I'm not sure who would see those and think, "My, what a comfortable seat!" But apparently the draw is significant, because Edith came toddling over with Grandma, wanting to join the fun. Her idea of fun, though, was knocking things over and snatching the play food. Such is the life of a toddler, I suppose.

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