9/52/2018: Dirt Eaters and Fashion Lovers

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's still been cold-ish around here, enough so that the wood stove has been going almost every day... But it's not so bitterly cold that the kids can't get outside! Edith is in heaven, and would probably spend all day outside if she could. One of her few words is "SAH!!!" Usually spoken very emphatically, pointing to the back door as she demands that you pick her up and then leeeeans her tiny little body until you start walking to the door.

When she's out there, she has a blast digging in the dirt (and then putting it back when I told her to, sweet girl), pulling up dead grass, sampling whatever vegetation/dirt/rocks she can find, and pushing the baby doll stroller. Or being pushed in the doll stroller, apparently...

Everyone has been getting thoroughly dirty, and they've been getting plenty of exercise and fresh air. Thank goodness! We were all going a little stir-crazy being cooped up indoors. 

Can we talk for a second about John Paul's fashion sense? I don't know where it came from - he must have read about somebody's outfit in a book or seen a friend dressed like this, because now all of a sudden he wears t-shirts under button-down shirts, unbuttoned. It feels a little bit like the 90s, and also feels totally weird because since when did my 8-year-old care even a tiny bit about his clothes? We're entering a new chapter, I can tell...

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