7 Easter Basket Fillers for the Whole Family

Friday, March 23, 2018

Well, we've got a good... Eight days until Easter? So of course I'm scrambling to figure out what's going in the Easter baskets. Obviously there are things that matter a lot more, and that's why I'm just now sitting down and realizing I don't have much for the kids. Right? Right.

(But wait! Books! Check! Some gifts from small businesses! Check! I'm not that behind...)

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1. For the baby:

Egg shakers! Gosh y'all, if you don't already have some of these, GET some! They're so fun, and actual musical instruments, so they don't sound obnoxious.

2. For the toddler:

These hide-and-squeak eggs are adorable. We've had a set for 5 years and the carton finally broke after some serious abuse, so I'm replacing it and I know Edith will be SO excited! These tend to be a hit with every kid who comes over to play, up to... Maybe 8-year-olds?

3. For the preschooler:

Wiki Stix! These have seriously provided hours and hours of fun in our home from preschoolers through adults. You can get the big box for family fun, but even just starting small will allow for lots of entertainment, and kids have to work HARD to make a mess with these.

4. For the kindergartner:

Did you know that there's a Lego unicorn? Because there's a Lego unicorn. Really any of the small building sets are perfect, but I'm kind of stuck on the unicorn because it's so adorable.

5. For grade schoolers:

Invisible ink pens are just as amazing as you'd think, AND your kids will practice handwriting without complaining because they're so busy writing secret spy messages (and secret potty words but we'll ignore that) to each other.

6. For mom:

Stories of Grace is a lovely month-long study that Take Up & Read will kick off as a group right after Easter - Lent always ends on such a spiritual high with nowhere to go, why not start right off with a plan? (Also chocolate, obviously)

7. For dad:

I mean, probably scotch or something. This seems like a legitimately brilliant gift for men who are always dropping those darned nails or screws and then can't find them, though.

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