8/52/2018: Fickle February

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Wow, February was a weird month.

After ridiculously low January temperatures, we had a series of warm steaks in February, including one day that hit 80 degrees!!! Shorts, sandals, and sleeveless dresses made appearances, but I *was* able to convince the kids not to get the swimsuits out. They got plenty wet (and muddy!!!) in our creeks & in puddles, though. And lunch happened outside every day!

Edith finally decided to start walking more - I *knew* she could do it, but she just didn't care... So I decided she needed an example! It was a good excuse to get together with some lovely friends, including a baby her size who's been walking like a pro for months. My plan worked, she took the hint, and now she's walking all over the place! Which, of course, makes her look SO MUCH OLDER so the kids are asking more and more when we'll be having our next baby... Not pregnant, kiddos!

Now, of course, things have cooled down. I paid the kids to stack the firewood that had been sitting in a pile for a month+ and they did an awesome job. The manual labor was especially good for John Paul, so I'm hatching plans for lots more labor for him! Anything that turns him from a grumbling, bickering child into a cheerful, proud child who can't stop complimenting my cooking is obviously a little miraculous!

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