12/52/2018: Snow Day & Signs of Spring

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Well, it finally snowed a reasonable amount. I was kind of assuming we'd get a big March snow, since we hadn't gotten anything decent during the *actual* winter. I think everyone got their fill? They're still creepily breaking off chunks of snow piles whenever we go anywhere (to eat it...), so maybe not.

I was laid up with a stomach bug during the first day, so I missed most of the fun. Two pictures the next day was all I got! Ah well, most of my childhood was undocumented and I turned out fine, nobody will be permanently scareds because I didn't get a picture of the impressive two-headed snowman.

I *do* wish I had had the energy to go down the hill to watch them bobsled/luge down the steep hill to the pond! It kept them out for ages, so it must have been pretty impressive. Or maybe it's good that I didn't see it, because it probably would have made me nervous... In my mind, they go so fast that they almost careen into the (very shallow) pond, but they say they didn't even get close.

The bulbs are up and flowers have started blooming, despite chilly temperatures! Our hyacinths are doing nicely, as well as some random unidentified pink flower (do YOU know what it is??). The daffodils are *almost* blooming, so we'll definitely have them by Easter. 

Edith has started insisting that she needs to draw, just like the big kids. She mostly doesn't even try to eat the crayons, which I think is very advanced for 16 months!

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