11/52/2018: Garden Working

Thursday, March 22, 2018

We're getting down to business with garden prep & planning. The bathroom is PACKED with seed trays, there's plenty planted already just waiting for the soil to warm up before it germinates, new beds are prepped (and Andrew's out there every weekend prepping more), and the all-important broad fork has arrived to help deal with the soil that's a little compacted from having chickens and children roaming all over it.

EVERYONE wants in on the action. It's adorable. Some of them last a little longer than the others, but I've got high hopes for Edith. Even if she thinks she can dig with a crowbar (why IS that crowbar in the garden?).

Right now we've got plenty of garlic in, red and yellow onions, and peas planted. I'm feeling so very behind on things because I really wish we could have more in the ground, but it's been so darned cold that there's not even any point in planting anything else yet! But there will be plenty of seedlings ready to go in the ground once we finally have temperatures above freezing on a regular basis. Can you tell I'm really, really ready to get this stuff in the ground??

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