43/52: Fall Cozies

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fall temperatures are *finally* here to stay, so I can no longer rely on the kids to spend hours a day outside, because they aren't used to the colder weather yet. Sigh.

What this means is that the house is overflowing with art projects that the girls spend hours on and then abandon (good kindling for the wood stove, at least), I find random pots of water boiling with acorns (John Paul's attempt to make... something?), we're down to our last summer produce (peppers, peppers, and more peppers, although I used about half of those to make a gigantic pot of chili), and the kids are bringing their nature finds indoors to study and then forget about.

I almost feel badly for throwing these things back outdoors but... They'll go find them again, I'm sure of it!

We've got the wood stove going on days when the house temperature dips below 60, and need to stock up on a lot more wood to keep things warm! I might just get some pre-split wood delivered like we did last year, it's not terribly expensive and it's certainly cheaper than keeping the electric heaters going!

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