46/52: November Snow

Monday, November 19, 2018

A couple weeks ago, I saw snow in the long-term forecast and thought nothing of it... Snow in Virginia in November? Ha! Maybe we would get a dusting, but more likely it would just be rain.

Well... We got snow.

Not a ton, but the perfect amount for the kids to play in for hours, throwing snowballs, sledding down the hill on an old scrap of linoleum, making snow cones (WHY you would want to eat one when its below freezing I have no idea, but they were excited)... And Andrew even had the day off after he got back from a treacherous drive to a court that hadn't cancelled cases for the day. Best kind of snow day!

We even suited Edith up once to let her go out and she LOVED it. She just kept gazing around in absolute wonder and astonishment, trying to figure out what exactly she was supposed to do. Mary Claire showed her how to fall face-first into the snow and start eating it, which Edith thought was a GREAT plan until she actually tried executing it! Then she spent a while chasing after everyone yelling, "Tids! Tids! I'm tummin'!!!"

Apparently we're supposed to get a whole lot more snow this season, so I suppose I should make sure we actually have boots that fit everyone (we don't) and tiny mittens for Edith. Other than that, they're a little bit squeezed into their snow gear but everyone is fully equipped!


  1. My gosh, John Paul is turning into a tween. I didn't see that coming.

  2. ahhh snow!! we rarely get snow here, lots of rain and freezing rain but not much snow. I'm more amazed at you beautiful boxes of apples, ours are almost all gone :( Hope you have a safe and happy thanksgiving!!

    1. The pink lady apples were ready SO LATE this year, we're only just getting started on them!


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