45/52: Gingko Grove

Monday, November 12, 2018

We took our yearly trip to the Gingko Grove at the local arboretum last week, although it did not result in quite as many cute pictures as I had hoped it would! I just wanted ONE picture of everybody on the bench like last year, but Edith was really really not having any of it.

So I let them run off and do what they always do, play hide and seek and tag and whatever other crazy games they invent... There was one very sad moment when Mary Claire wanted to play Elf tag but everybody else wanted to play some other sort of tag, which resulted in many, many tears. I do not even understand how there are so many different versions of tag, but apparently there are?

There was a lot of screaming. There was a sudden insistence that a certain child had a stomachache and could not POSSIBLE stand or move or be in a picture. Finally I bribed them with the promise of candy at home if they would just stand in a line and smile for a picture (the bench was taken up by an old man and his lunch).

Well. Everybody ELSE thought that was a great idea! Edith, however, decided to show us just how close she is to being two years old.

Maybe next year ;)


  1. Shorts? Dresses and sandals? Where is that magic land of autumn?
    We get hot summer temps, then 2 weeks of the nice fall weather where we can wear all those cute fall outfits and than BOOOOOOM winter is there! I've been wearing my scarf and hat everyday for almost 2 weeks now... I'm so jealous!

    1. It was maybe 55? So not exactly shorts weather OR sandals weather but I haven't managed to convince them that REALLY we're done with sandals now!!


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