28/52: High Heels, Blanket Forts, and Wooden Medals

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Edith has taken to wearing old birthday crowns and princess shoes (technically wedges I suppose, but they seem like heels to me) as part of her daily uniform. When you're 2, accessories are important. Today we went to the library and she insisted on wearing her Easter hat and her Chews Life rosary around her neck. It was classy. Anyway, her fancy footwear does not prevent her from carrying on with life as usual, although it *does* make it hurt a lot more when she steps on your feet...

I washed the couch slipcover and cushion covers for the first time in waaaaaay too long last week, and the kids desperately wanted to use the cushions to make a fort. When I said no, they pushed various chairs together and draped blankets all over things and there wasn't too much fighting over who got which part of the fort... Mostly Peter and Edith took the fort over because everybody else realized they would rather sit on actual furniture to read their books. It was so sweet watching the two of them knock on pretend doors, ask to be let in, and then pretend to go to sleep in their forts. And their faces in that picture!!

Kindred Forest Co (affiliate link!) sent over a sweet sticker, bookmark, and a necklace for Cecilia. They're officially launching on July 24, but they're running a ton of giveaways on Instagram and you can see lots of previews of products there and on Facebook. I love the aesthetic of the products and they're great quality! Super-excited to see what else they launch. Definitely sign up so you can be notified when the launch happens.

PS! Affiliate links follow because there are some excellent deals right now:

Chews Life is running a Christmas in July promo and today only (7/18) you can get Sts. Louis & Zelie bracelets and mini-decades for 50% off! 

And Kiwi Crate is running a 40% off sale for items in their shop with code SUMMER40 - great way to try them out without signing up for a subscription!



  1. That picture of Peter and Edith is the cutest!

    1. It might be my favorite ever of the two of them!


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