25/52: Peas

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I noticed tons of neglected sugar snap peas the other day, so I sent Elizabeth to gather them before they dried up. Well, apparently they were already too big and tough to eat, so the kids sat around shelling them for a good long time and threw them at each other, ate some, rolled some like marbles... Cecilia got to work stacking them on toothpicks, which didn't seem like a very Cecilia thing to do. The next day when they had dried though, she removed them from the toothpicks, strung them on baker's twine, and showed off her bracelet to me. THAT is the Cecilia thing to do!

Meanwhile, I think I'm getting closer and closer to a Lucy smile! I've definitely captured a smirk or three, but she just could not care less for the camera. Give her a slew of strangers though, and she'll coo, shriek with glee, and smile like her life depends on it!


  1. Cecilia is a genius! Little me or even grown me NEVER would have thought to put peas on a tooth pick to poke holes for stringing later.
    Also, it looks like Edith is loving her new baby sister, but that last picture is priceless! Haha. Your kids are absolutely gorgeous.

    1. I think she got the idea from a craft book she got at the library, they recommended using clay and she figured she'd try it with peas since they were the right shape! She's always reading various craft books and getting ideas like this, it's so fascinating to see how her brain works. I was definitely not nearly so creative when I was a kid!


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