26/52: Rosaries and Bows

Thursday, July 4, 2019

This post contains affiliate links, I received products as a gift and chose to post a review here because I loved them so much!
We got the sweetest package in the mail the other day, right when I was just about done recovering from that lovely kidney stone episode. Kelsey sent us her new (brilliant!!) rosary mat, some bows for Lucy, and some adorable embellished burp cloths. It was such a bright spot in what had been a pretty miserable week!

Andrew rolled his eyes when I immediately put one of the bows on Lucy, but I think you'll agree that she looks adorable. And we found out that the baby bows are totally stretchy enough for big kids to wear them, too! But I'm saving them for Lucy, she needs something to make her crazy hair look a little less ridiculous!

I wanted to get a nice picture of everything in the package but the kids immediately started playing with the rosary mat (serves me right for getting distracted by the bows!!). I was expecting Edith to be interested and everybody else to maybe be a little old for it, but I think Peter is actually the biggest fan, and the girls all really loved it, too! They've been getting it out every day and not exactly praying a whole rosary, but looking through the mysteries, sorting the "beads," praying a little... I think it will be a really good tool to use the next time we're praying the rosary while not in the car.

It's a super-sturdy, and I was a little worried about losing all the tiny little pieces, but Kelsey sends several extras, and you can buy a new set of "beads" if you need to. Honestly, if we lose too many I'll probably just have the kids cut new circles out of felt, because we tend to have a lot of it lying around! But I wouldn't want to cut ALL new circles out, that's for sure. I'm so so excited to have this awesome rosary mat in our arsenal for family prayer time!

Do go visit her shop and favorite it to see what new stuff she adds! She's running a 10% off sale right now, so shop quickly if you want to snag a great deal!

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