Prime Day: Running List of Deals

Monday, July 15, 2019

Happy Prime Day! I'll be updating this post throughout the day with links to deals you might be interested in—I know I like getting early Christmas/birthday shopping done, and back to school season is coming up, too!

Links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you click and purchase anything!

(PS, give Amazon workers a break and select "no rush" shipping if you can—they're totally overworked during these next few days and you can make things a little easier! I'll also try to link deals from other stores if you'd like to shop the competition, because some places will try to give you better deals when they see what Amazon is offering)

You'll be shocked (SHOCKED!) to see that there's an Instant Pot on sale today 😉 Does anyone NOT have one at this point? This is the cheapest I've ever seen it!

Use code PRIMEBOOK19 for $5 off $15+ books (can be multiple books!) shipped by Amazon—I've got book lists if you need ideas!

Baby Gear:

White noise machines!! We have this one, which is powerful and really durable, and also this cheaper one, which breaks eventually but, well, it's cheap!

Diapers and wipes—I know people who love these Water Wipes!

Need an amazing swaddle blanket for a Catholic baby? This one from Be a Heart Design is 20% off!

Amazing deal on this double stroller—still pricey but it's a total workhorse and has a really high resale value so it's an investment piece, and honestly a good double stroller is worth its weight in gold when you have a bunch of little kids!

Basic pack n play (wait for black Friday for this, or maybe there will be a sale tomorrow?)

Diaper bags should be on sale, or purses that would work at diaper bags—I'm thinking of ordering this leather tote to replace my old, worn out purse.

Car seat deals—this infant seat is the one I *wish* we'd gotten, and it's a great price!

We've had this high chair for 10 years and it is SOLID. Takes up some space for sure, but it also comes with a booster so you really get a 2-for-1 and this is the cheapest I've ever seen it.

Indoor toys:

We love Green Toys and this tea set is an amazing deal! Grabbing one for Edith's birthday.

Train tracks and accessories are always a hit around here, and Peter would LOVE this toy crane.

There will be a lot of board games on sale today—here's a list of our favorites, and Ticket to Ride Europe is discounted right now.

Alex toys & craft kits

Melissa & Doug toys, like these Water Wows, which are perfect for car trips and keeping toddlers occupied!

Magformers—one of our favorite toys, some of the lowest prices I've ever seen!

Tegu blocks

Outdoor toys:


Bikes & ride-ons (especially balance bikes!)—here's a Radio Flyer balance bike for only $35!!

Slack line—we love ours and this one gets great ratings and is only $40!


Jungle gym—AWESOME deal on one of our favorite toys!

I've heard a lot about these LifeStraw things, they would be great if you're into hiking or camping!

Educational things:

You know I love ukuleles, and there are tons on sale today!

Book coupon: $5 off a $15+ book order with code PRIMEBOOK19 (must be shipped by Amazon)

Box sets—The Julia Rothman books are some of our favorites, and the set is only $30 right now!

So many Kindles on sale today!! Paperwhite is my favorite, but you really can't go wrong with any!

Pencils & pens & other art supplies—lots of Crayola on sale, Play Doh, gel pens...

Kitchen & household gear:

Cast iron cookware (lots of great deals!)

Basic pots

Baking sheets

Gadgets (instant pot, blender, stick blender, griddler)

We got this stick vacuum on Black Friday and it's been great!

Other deals:

Old Navy is offering 50% off EVERYTHING right now, which makes these uniform polos just $5! Plus free shipping, and 8% cash back through Rakuten (formerly Ebates).


  1. Thanks for sorting through all of this- a few of these I've had on wish lists, so glad to get it ahead of time and for a deal! Also, dying over that jungle gym- would be such a great family Christmas gift!

    1. This is always my time to get ahead on our fall birthdays so I'm not scrambling come November! We got the jungle gym as a family gift a couple Christmases ago and it's been so great!

  2. Rosie, I always look forward to your recommendations. They are always so-good.
    I did not know that Erica sells some items on Amazon :) that's awesome.

    1. I didn't know either! Totally snapped up a blanket for Lucy for Christmas 😉

  3. Is $189 the sale price for the jungle gym....?

    1. They just deleted the in-cart discount!!! I'm annoyed, they definitely didn't say how long the deal would run... Maybe it'll show up again? If not, it's been on sale the last couple Black Fridays as well!

  4. I was actually hoping you had a blog post about prime day because I was wondering what your recommendation would be for a Ukelele (what brand- this one: It would be for a beginner (10 year old boy).

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!

    1. Basically as long as you get one that isn't marketed as a toy, you should be okay! I like the ones that come with a gig bag already because that keeps them a little safer when kids are using & moving them. If it gets good reviews, go for it!

    2. Thanks so much for your prompt reply!


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