7/52: Piano Girls and Lent Beginnings

Thursday, March 4, 2021


Edith and Lucy have been playing together a lot more lately, and it's so sweet! Well, often Edith is off in her own little world and screams at Lucy for wrecking whatever it is she was creating... But when Edith puts her mind to it, she'll rope Lucy into whatever she's currently imagining. First they cooked in the play kitchen for a while together, which mostly involves Lucy "cooking" little crocheted doughnuts and eating them over and over. After a while, Edith told Lucy it was time to move on to races! "No." Lucy said, continuing to cook. "Why?" Edith responded. "NO." Lucy confirmed. "WHY?" Edith pestered. "NOOOOOOOOO!" "WHYYYYYY????" Tears ensued. 

Eventually Edith realized she just needed to start running around and eventually Lucy would join her. Shockingly, the 4-year-old won every single race against the 2-year-old who doesn't really understand what a race is! Then it was time to move on to piano playing, which consists of Edith trying to play "Hot Cross Buns" and Lucy banging on the keys yell-singing "Immaculate Mary." Lucy, of course, still had a toy doughnut with her. Then it was time to set up a tea party by the play kitchen. As one does.

The kids have been very slowly filling the bean jar... It's rarely something they remember to do on their own, but any time I request someone do a specific chore and then put a bean in the jar, I always have cheerful volunteers! Ah yes, the bribery jar. We'll call it the "positive reinforcement" jar...

Everybody filled out their plans for Lent on Mardi Gras, and Peter switched from giving up Legos (too big a sacrifice, and I think I agree) to giving up butter, which he's already complaining about. Actually, everybody has given up some sort of spread... Peanut butter, jam, honey, butter... One child gave up drinking milk, and Edith gave up fighting with Lucy. THAT one's going great (not). The sacrifices are so teeny tiny at this stage but they really take it seriously and it's so sweet! We used my friend Jenna's printable, and I just checked and she has a whole Lent and Easter bundle (that's an affiliate link!) available in her shop if you're looking for some super-easy home catechesis for young kids. Tons of resources!!


  1. "No!" "Why???" on constant repeat at our house too. *facepalm* haha

  2. Oooh we have not started our kids (4, almost 3, and 1.5) on Lenten sacrifices. At what age did you start doing it? And how did you introduce the idea?

    1. The bean jar/sacrifice jar starts being meaningful for them around 3 or 4, and we don't start personal sacrifices until closer to the age of reason, though the younger kids like to join in!


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