8/52: Animals

Saturday, March 6, 2021


Evidently this was not a photo-heavy week! We finally got a bit of sun and I just couldn't bring myself to pull out the camera when all I wanted to do was bask in the long-awaited sunlight.

Edith and Lucy have been VERY into our little Schleich plastic animals lately - Lucy carries around the "mudder pig" everywhere she goes, screaming and sobbing when we take it away so she can eat or nap or go outside, anything ridiculous like that. Often she'll have as many animals as possible clutched in her little paws, fumbling with them as she tries to carry more and more, and ultimately crying because she can't manage to carry all her precious possessions. This is always a fun phase, the "carry everything you possibly can and scream when you drop any of it" toddler phase. "Fun."

Edith is very possessive of "her" plastic animals, since I'll often give each of the kids a new one in Easter baskets or Christmas stockings. Looks like I need to help Lucy start her own collection so she quits stealing everyone else's animals. In her defense, though, I have explained over and over that if they're going to store their personal possessions among the general toy supply, they don't get to yell at another child for playing with them. The rules of possession are tricky when you're below the age of reason...


  1. Schleich animals are such a good big-family investment! They hold up to a lot of chewing and playing. Do you have a favorite source for new ones?

    1. Our local farm store has a good selection, or we just order from Amazon!


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