Just Because, Volume 10

Monday, March 22, 2021

Happy Monday! Less than two weeks until Easter!! I'm hoping that we have daffodils by Easter Sunday, it seems to be taking them forever to bloom this year... Some have buds, at least, so maybe it'll just be a waiting game until the rest catch up? We planted *so* many bulbs in the fall, it's hard to wait for the blooms! Our lilacs also have a ton of buds, but I think we've got more than a month before they actually bloom, everything's been a little late this year. 

Two posts this week, one with garden progress, which seems hopelessly out of date since now all those brassicas are in the ground and my industrious 11yo has taken all the straw mulch off my flower beds... And a review of some excellent new books you might need!

Want to join in?

Challenge yourself to post *once* (or more!) every week, and spend a little time visiting other blogs too—it's more fun blogging when you know someone's reading it besides you, after all. I'll post this linkup every Monday morning for at least the next month or two, and we'll see if this makes old fashioned blogging a little more enjoyable for us all! 

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  1. Hope those daffodils bloom for you soon! We're in TN visiting my parents for a few days and the difference between here and southern Ohio is incredible. It's full on spring here with daffodils, tulips, magnolias, and cherry blossoms plus more! Meanwhile OH lingers in the gray and brown of very late winter.

    1. I'm hopeful!! On the plus side, none of the fruit trees are flowering yet, which means they should be safe from a late frost like we got last year...


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