20 More Meatless Meals for Lent

Friday, March 5, 2021

My meatless meals roundup from years ago has continued getting lots of views every year, but we've added so much to our meal repertoire that I thought a second post was in order!

Whether you're trying to eat more meatless meals in order to observe Lent, or just as a personal choice, this list should help give you some tasty new recipe ideas. 

Most of these I've tried, or would try, with my family, and I'd consider my kids to be pretty middle-of-the-road in terms of how adventurous they are with their eating. If yours aren't very adventurous, there's no shame in sticking with macaroni and cheese or pizza! 

Recipes are linked below - happy eating!

Chickpea burgers 

Black bean burgers

Black bean taquitos 

Vegetarian tacos

Instant pot black bean soup 

Creamy tortellini soup

Potato Florentine Soup (I *adore* this soup!!)


Spaghetti Pangrattato (this one is such a hit with our kids that several of them requested it for their birthday+feast day dinners multiple years in a row!! I skip the egg and we don't miss it)

Ravioli with Lemon Butter (the kids all really enjoyed this but I think the sauce would be better with just brown butter, garlic, and lemon zest—the white wine+lemon juice was just too much)

Baked Spaghetti/Spaghetti Pie (there are a million ways to customize this and if you double the recipe it's great for a crowd!)

Crispy Lemon Feta with Orzo

Baked Feta Pasta 

Pesto Cheese Lasagna Rollups

Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes, and Green Beans

Eggplant Parmesan Melts

Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches

Veggie Stromboli 

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza (trust me, it's totally different than your average pizza! Think of it as a casserole if the whole "sauce on top" thing throws you... If you're a Chicago native who's moved out of the area, this is the closest I've ever been able to replicate that Lou Malnati's/Giordano's goodness that you can't find outside the Chicagoland area)

Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole (super easy to customize based on what veggies your family enjoys!)

What else have you been eating and loving lately? I have to admit, I've had a lot of fun reading through cookbooks and researching new recipes! Not sure my family appreciates my experimenting in the kitchen, but somebody's gotta be the guinea pigs!


  1. We'll have to try the spaghetti pangrattato and the veggie stromboli. We eat a lot of fish on Fridays - usually tuna salad sandwiches for lunch and then rotating through some standbys like Asiago tilapia, shrimp & gnocchi, or frozen beer-battered cod fillets from Aldi ;) My husband's not a big fan of beans but I think he would go for the veggie stromboli!

    1. Mine doesn't love beans either, I'm excited to try stromboli! He would definitely prefer it with meat, but I think a variety of cheeses would work for my veggie hater, too 😉

  2. Definitely saving a bunch of these recipes. I've been in a rut the past few Fridays, making a lot of tomato soup and cheese pizza!

    1. The 4yo asked last week when we could have tomato soup and grilled cheese again—i said not for a while, since we had just had it... And my husband complained, because it's one of his favorites too! So we're having it again this week 😂


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