9/25: Bull Horns, Napping Spots, and Doll Adoration

Friday, March 12, 2021


Lucy has had long enough hair for pigtails for ages, but she's so angry every time I put it up that I haven't tried... Well, I finally convinced her to sit still long enough to get some in, and she's been rocking them for a solid week+! She calls them her "bull horns" because she likes to pretend to be a bull from one of her current favorite books, Earl the Squirrel. Only that bull is named Conrad, and her name is Onrad. Major difference. Also, obviously girls can be bulls...

Our "library shelf" is currently cleaned off because we're taking a break from checking any out until Andrew has time to go argue with an unjust fine (I will not pay for a book that was already damaged when they checked it out to us! I have already done that once because I didn't want to fight it, and I'm even more angry about it this time!), and it makes the perfect little "sleeping spot" for toddlers and preschoolers. It's quite the hot commodity!

Edith is still very into her "Mass set" and plays with it nearly every day (Colleen currently has a couple in stock in her shop, plus a few pre-order slots if you've been interested in getting one! That's my affiliate link, thanks!), and the other day I thought it was weird that her dolls were all rushing the altar, until I got closer and realized they were all at adoration! It's the absolute sweetest.


  1. Oh my heart... the doll adoration!! That mass set is so precious. Thanks for the link!!

  2. Hi, former library asst here. You can ask if they can annotate the book’s condition in their files during checkout. We would often do this on much loved children’s books. Happy Reading! 😁

    1. The problem is that I've been putting them on hold, they check them out for me, and my brother picks them up. So my hands don't even touch them until they get home!


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