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Friday, August 16, 2013

Trying to write these SUPER quick because my sister's about to get back from Mass with the big kids and this is my reward for cleaning the playroom while they were gone...


This is what Cecilia wore to Mass yesterday - terrible picture, but I think you can see most of it...  Ballerina dress, polka dot cardigan, pink shorts underneath, and she completed the ensemble with striped socks with glitter hearts and pink flower shoes.  Yes, she got MANY compliments on her outfit!
Her outfit today is even better - she came out with a striped dress and plaid skirt, so we reminded her that she needs pants or shorts under a dress, NOT a skirt.  But she REALLY wanted to wear the skirt, too.  So she added white leggings, her polka dot sweater, and her flower shoes.  

Fashion icon, this girl.


But more importantly, everyone actually did a really good job at Mass!  We went to a noon mass with a ton of other families all sitting in the same section and I was prepared for mayhem...  In our pew alone we had our four kids, me, my sister, Andrew, and a friend of ours and her toddler.  None of the older kids needed to be taken out!  And Elizabeth only had to be walked around a little bit, AND none of the other families had issues either!

It's an Assumption miracle. 


I was really excited to see all those young families but I feel so awkward trying to talk to them after Mass...  I need some ideas for family pickup lines.  What exactly does one say?  

"So...  What's your favorite homeschool curriculum?"
"What type of NFP do YOU practice?"
"Does your minivan seat 7 or 8?"

I don't know...  I need ideas! 


Look at what I got in the mail!

It's my penpal packet from Ashley!  Isn't it the cutest?  I'm working on my first letter :)


Our tomatoes are out of control!  The yellow pear tomato plant is trying to invade everything else - we've had to tie it onto other cages, stake it all over the place, and brace various branches.  There's one section that has FIFTEEN tomatoes on one branch!  I'm a little concerned that I should pick some off while they're green so that they don't break the branch when they get too heavy...

This doesn't even show what a ridiculous mess it is...  


We saw our pastor at Costco yesterday and the kids were pretty excited!  Awkwardly, he didn't know our names and thought that we were a differently family that lived with our grandmother?  So that was a little weird...  

In case you were wondering, apparently priests buy bottled water and eggs at Costco.  So now your curiosity should be satisfied :P

THERE!  Quickest takes ever!  Check out more at Jen's!


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    1. Apparently I can't work the comments this morning....

      I hope someone has some good family pick-up lines to share! I keep developing "friend crushes" on families we see at Mass!

  2. Number 4! Yes!!! I need family pick-up lines because we're going to be moving and I need to meet new families...and what better place than church??

    How about just "Hey...you look like nice people and we need friends. What's your name??"

    Is that super lame?? Yes..it is.

    1. Haha yes, super lame! Someone's gotta have advice for us...

  3. We are obviously a little, young family, but I also have thought about "pick-up lines" to say to other young couples at church, because I think it's important to know other parishioners. :) Here are a few ideas:
    -Comment on how well their kids behaved (only if they did!)
    -Ask ages of kids
    -Ask if they are parishioners here or just visiting (only if you haven't seen them before...it would be awkward if you sat by them every week and asked that, wouldn't it?!)
    -Comment on how nice it is to see other young families at church
    -Just introduce yourself! Although it may seem awkward at first, odds are the other family is thinking just as hard as you are about how to strike up a conversation. More than likely they will forget how you began talking in the first place and be grateful they met someone that day :)

  4. I bet people knew that Cecilia has her own ideas about getting dressed!

    You might just make slings out of old stockings for the tomatoes. No reason to pick green tomatoes unless you're going to cook them!

  5. Easy convo starters (all my best friends have been made at church so I am good at this ;)) ... 1. How old are your kids? Then you say, oh I have a 4 yr old too! Then talk about at home preschool stuff, etc. 2. Do you always go to this mass? I've seen you a few times; I'm Rosie. 3. (talk to their cute little boy/girl) ooh, I love your outfit. What a cute tie/dress/etc. did you get a donut because you were good in mass? I saw you praying really quietly! (parents love compliments and kids do too!) 4. The basics... Oh you buy target diapers too? (while changing babies in the bathroom) I feel like I am there every week! Or while nursing, I have that same nursing cover but he always pulls it off, how do you get your baby to keep it on? (people love giving advice and I love getting it), or other random mom questions that you are genuinely curious about (where to buy wide baby shoes, cute/affordable maternity clothes if they are dressed cute, healthy snack ideas if te kids are eating). Most moms are super nice back (and wanted to talk to you too but get distracted by wrangling kids) and if they are weird/awkward, oh well, you prob don't want to be their friend anyway haha :).

  6. I love it when Grace dresses herself. It cracks me up to see what she comes up with.
    I'm doing the Penpal Project too! So excited for fun mail!!

  7. I love this! Just found your blog after I got my penpal assignment letter today. Excited to meet you!

  8. Our tomato plants are out of control too! I'm still not sure why I felt the need to plant 8 tomato plants when I am the only one who will eat tomatoes! I've already given away so many to my coworkers. I guess I can't complain about the blessing of a great harvest.

  9. I wouldn't use any of your pickup lines because they're assuming that they homeschool and use NFP and have a minivan, and none of those may be true. if someone came up to me at mass and asked me my homeschool curriculum, and i sent my kids to public school, i'd feel a little uncomfortable. just my two cents.

    1. Hehe yeah, those were all jokes! Although I suppose it's pretty easy to make the NFP & minivan assumption about families once they hit 5+ kids!


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