WIWS - Sick Edition

Sunday, August 18, 2013

But first, WSWF (What She Wore Friday):

Friends, this is Cecilia's fashion sense.  I imagine she's in good company with many of your daughters :)

"POOP!!!"  Yeah, we're clearly mature enough not to laugh... Sadly, Aunt Sister has ended her nice long visit with us :(  We won't see her again until Thanksgiving, maybe not even until Christmas!
We were all dressed and ready to go to Mass, except for John Paul, who was lying on the couch with an untouched graham cracker in his hand,  I had been up late the night before prepping cinnamon rolls (SO good!) and scrambled eggs (modified heavily and also delicious!), so I promised him "big breakfast" after Mass.

And then he ran to the bathroom and puked.

Soooo Andrew stayed home with the babies and John Paul, and I took Cecilia to Mass.  And she was AWESOME.  Said the responses (thanks, short psalm response!), tried very hard to follow along with the prayers, and even went and introduced herself to a big girl after Mass (who smiled and walked away, poor Cecilia...).

I keep finding a giggling Mary Claire under the bench where John Paul and Cecilia sit for meals.  I think she has realized that that's where the good crumbs are...  So there you go, if I were a better housekeeper she wouldn't get to have this delicious impromptu snack time!

Thankfully Elizabeth hasn't realized the beauty of under the table yet!

John Paul and Cecilia have spent much of the morning trying on all their fall clothes from the consignment store.  He BEGGED me to take a picture of him with Mary Claire!

Aaaand a terrible picture of what I wore - can't do much with bad lighting!  At least Jesus is poking out of my head :P

Skirt:  Ann Taylor (5+ years ago)
Jacket:  Banana Republic (again, 5+ years ago)
Hat & Shirt:  H&M
Shoes:  DSW

Check out more lovely outfits at Fine Linen & Purple!


  1. Mary Claire under the bench of SO adorable..so adorable! So is Cecilia and I love her outfits. And, yep, I've got a couple of daughters who dressed very similarly at the age (actually my 8-yo still does). Skirts under dresses were especially popular as was pattern matching and 500 layers.

  2. When you are Cecilia, apparently you have to wear all the things. Just think how boring it would be if you dressed her the way my mother dressed us—red, white, and blue, and none of the bottoms could be patterned. We could have dresses that weren't in the color scheme, though. My favorite was one that my grandma made for me. It was a brown print with purple and yellow. Yeah, that sounds awful, but for some reason I loved it. Maybe because my grandma made it.

    I don't quite get what happened before Mass. John Paul puked, so Andrew stayed home with the babies and John Paul still got to go to Mass?

    1. Oh, wait, I understand now. You left out a comma and it really confused me.

  3. Poor John Paul!!! You look great, and shame on that big girl. I hate when people do that to kids!

  4. Cute outfit!!! Those shoes are awesome - what a gorgeous color :)

  5. We have a bench/pew in our house that Henry used to love to climb under. It never looked comfortable to me, but he enjoyed it! Hope John Paul feels better!

  6. Yeahhh...my daughter definitely has a similar fashion sense. Gotta love it!


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