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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Someone reeeeally loves pressing the button on the camera...

Dress:  eShakti (a little too big, but it'll be good for early pregnancy/post partum and let's be honest, I've got a LOT more of that ahead of me...)
Shirt:  forever 21
Shoes:  DSW


Above we have the Blessed Virgin Cecilia admiring a very large fuzzy caterpillar with spikes on its back!  She then fell on it and stunned it saying, "Oh.  It died."  But don't worry, it lived on!

The kids were average during Mass - John Paul was decent enough to get a doughnut afterwards (although he almost succeeded into tricking the EM into giving him his first communion...), Cecilia had to be satisfied with half of a mini bagel plus whatever the babies dropped of their shared half (toddlers are better than dogs!).  Mary Claire and Elizabeth were chatty but not fussy, so I suppose it could have been worse!  Once again, Elizabeth entertained herself for quite a while sucking on my hair and veil...

And that's all for today - we're having a blast outside in this beautiful weather and there's only so much of a nursing break that I get!

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  1. Glad church went well.
    Loving this weather too!!

  2. Cute outfit. Did you move your couch in front of the fireplace to baby proof it? We have a fireplace too. I pinned some ideas (sewing crib bumpers into a protective pad) but never did any (because I had a baby to watch) but like your thinking.

  3. Cute shoes...and the couch in front of the fireplace is brilliant for babyproofing,

  4. I love your skirt! You look so cute (as do the little ones).

  5. visiting from FL&P! Love the colors! and your babies in motion!


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