7 Quick Takes: More Kiddo Quotes

Friday, August 2, 2013

Because I don't really feel like typing up all the things that are going through my head...  Here are some things the kids said that I've been saving up for you!

Me:  Cecilia, what did you dream about last night?
Cecilia:  A bubble!  And a fish was bwowin' it!  And den it popped.
Me:  John Paul, what did you dream about?
John Paul, looking at the book shelf:  I was comfortable.  And I dreamed about books on a shelf.

And in a shocking turn of events, Cecilia has an imagination and John Paul doesn't!  Oh wait, that's nothing new... 

I just don't think this needs a caption...


Cecilia, with her hand down her pants:  I'm scwatching my booty.

So glad she told me...

9-month jammies.  Can't imagine why they don't fit.

Cecilia:  I'm all messed up...
Me:  Why are you all messed up?
Cecilia:  Because I...  dwinked milk.

Apparently she gets her fashion sense from Kaitlin's daughter...

Cecilia, picking her nose:  I found a booger.  Here you go, mom!

Again, so glad she shared...


John Paul:  Elizabeth's a dweeb.
Me:  Why is she a dweeb?
John Paul:  Yup, she's a dweeb.  She is.  She has two teeth, so she's a dweeb!

Poor little dweeb!

John Paul:  I want something special in my snack pack!
Me:  Like...  Raisins?  Or craisins?  Or banana chips?
John Paul:  Yeah!
Cecilia:  I want butterfwy chips...

And now please imagine dried butterflies being eaten by a 2-year-old.

John Paul, after our peach picking outing:  We're going to...  what next?
Me:  Um...  I don't know, where would you like to go?
John Paul:  Um...  The gas station?  And...  TJ Maxx?

An exciting life we lead, if that's the most fun outing he can imagine.


 John Paul, whispering to a woman leave Mass early:  How old are you?

Think we can teach him to say, "Mass isn't over yet!  Don't leave!" or maybe, "Where are you going???"


After an incredibly interesting discussion about how Andrew's office is getting new phones...

John Paul:  Oh, I'm getting a new phone at my office too!
Me:  Really?  And where is your office?
John Paul:  It's really far away.  Like, at 7010 like Dad's office!  (correct street number, thank you Rain Man)
Me:  And who are you going to call?
John Paul:  Dad.  And Elizabeth.  And Mary Claire.  And Mom.  And Cecilia.
Andrew:  What do you do at your office?
John Paul:  Oh, I make calls.
Me:  Does anyone work with you?
John Paul:  No, I'm just by myself.

Glad to know he's an aspiring telemarketer?

Just "tummy-timin'" on a pillow...

Cecilia, watching the babies nurse:  *Gasp*  Dey're eatin' deir BWEAKFAST!
Me:  Yup, this is their breakfast just like you ate YOUR breakfast!
Cecilia:  Dey're just havin' milk for bweakfast.  Not wike I!
Me:  Yeah, you got to have banana and pear and toast AND milk!
Cecilia, giggling:  No, dey're dwinkin' water!
Me:  Oh yeah?  How are they getting water from Mom?
Cecilia:  Oh.  Just milk.  *eying my chest*  And dose are deir CUPS!

Well, I guess now we know where the term "cup size" comes from...


John Paul, out of nowhere:  When will I be canonized?
Me:  ...Um...  I don't know, John Paul...
JP:  In what year?

and later that day
JP:  Maybe I will be canonized in 2150!  And when will I become a bishop?
Me:  Well, I guess whenever the Pope makes you a bishop...
JP:  And how old will I be when I'm a seminarian?
Me:  ...Maybe 22 years old?

He has also been asking when he will die.  And how old I will be when I die.  And many other people... 

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  1. OMG the cup size one it too funny!

  2. kids crack me up with the things they say. You have a talkative bunch!!

  3. Hi Rosie! I'm a random who stumbled upon your blog somehow, and now I can't get enough. You have some cute kiddos! I think you posted about baby led weaning not long ago, and I have an 8 month old who will only eat if she's feeding herself. But my question is how in the Hades do you keep your kids clean?! Naked eating, lotsa wipes, just resign yourself to sticky and wet? Help!

  4. I need to sit down and have a conversation with John Paul some day. And that origin of cup size makes PERFECT sense! At least more than any other explanation I can think of!

    1. Hehe, he's noooot the world's best conversationalist unless you're talking about what he wants. My sister came to visit the other day and he immediately ran over and said, "Aunt Sister!!! How many teeth do you have?" And would not be swayed onto any other topic...

  5. Cup size! Too perfect.

    And I love reading all the things John Paul has to say. Such a bright little guy! He cracks me up!

  6. Cup size...of course!!

    I love number 7...that is too cute!

  7. Great pictures and quotes!
    Lovin' JP this week ~ Hello, Mass is not over ~ how old are you?
    So did you go to TJMAXX?

  8. I laughed so hard that now my back hurts. That has never happened before. ::groan::

  9. Yes! The jammies are the same size and brand too! I wish our girls could hang out!

    And woah, #7. You have a really special kid there. How awesome.

  10. I snorted out loud when JP asked when he would be canonized. That's good stuff! :)

    1. Yeah? You think my grandson isn't good enough to be canonized? Watch out, kiddo! I'm bigger than you and I know where you live! ;-)

      John Paul does like to quantify everything. He's very, very concrete. And weird. If he gets canonized, I really wonder what his patronage would be, if that's the right way of saying it. Disturbingly logical children, maybe?

    2. Now if only he would try acting the way he needs to act to be canonized!

  11. I am just imagining JP walking up to a stranger and asking them when they will die. And then saying, "I see dead people."


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