50 Reasons My Toddler Won't Nap

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In a typical week, here are some of Cecilia's reasons not to nap:
1.  She needs to pee
2.  She needs to poop
3.  She needs a drink of water
4.  She has a hair in her mouth
5.  She wants the light on
6.  She wants the light off
7.  The noise on the noise machine is wrong
8.  The new noise on the noise machine is ALSO wrong
9.  She wants the original noise machine noise
10.  She tried to pull a book off the top shelf and bumped her head
11.  The crack is too big (because she pushed her bed away from the wall)
12.  She wants to be tucked
13.  She wants to be untucked
14.  She wants her bear in bed with her
15.  She wants her bear to sleep next to her bed
16.  She doesn't want her pillow in her bed
17.  She doesn't want her bear in the room
18.  She can sense her bear in the hallway and wants it to be moved to the living room
19.  She wants to be tucked
20.  She wants a new outfit
21.  She wants to nap in just her underwear
22.  She wants to nap in clothes
23.  She wants to nap in just her booty (no.)
24.  She wants me to see her silly outfit

25.  She's stuck in her jumper and needs help unbuckling
26.  She can't find the other shoe that she outgrew 1.5 years ago
27.  She needs something to wipe her nose
28.  She needs to poop
29.  She needs to pee
30.  She needs something to wipe her tears
Most attractive picture ever...
31.  Her crotch is hurtin'
32.  She wants her tiara that broke 6 months ago
33.  She wants a book
34.  She wants to finish her lunch
35.  She wants another prayer
36.  She wants another song
37.  She saw a bug (a piece of lint)
38.  She just needs a little snack
39.  She needs help getting her socks on
40.  She doesn't want to wear socks
41.  She wants her OTHER blanket
42.  She doesn't want a blanket
43.  She needs to use the potty
44.  She needs a baby
A happier child you will never see...
45.  She's stuck!!!
46.  She needs to be tucked in again
47.  Her blanket is covering her chin
48.  Her blanket ISN'T covering her hand
49.  She had a fart
50.  It's morning time!!!

Sometimes I think it would be easier to skip naptime altogether...

What are some of the most ridiculous reasons your kids use?


  1. My crotch is hurtin' - Bahahaha! Kids are weird and I love it.

    1. I'm gonna start using that one when I can't sleep at night... Awkward!

  2. HA #31 was my favorite reason too

  3. haha this is hilarious. sometimes grace's "ankle hurts". she hurt it once jumping from her bed into her brothers' pack n play and it is her new default injury. not as awkward as crotch by any means! ;) and yes, toddler naps are super annoying but I LOVE the days when it happens (like today) so I plan to make her "nap" (stay in her room for 45 min-1 hr) til 5 yrs old.

  4. Ahh, that sounds so frustrating! And maybe a little bit funny too..

    Do you think she'd go down for the night earlier if you gave up on naps? That could be worth it?

  5. Oh my gosh this is so hilarious and true. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Great list!
    Also heard in our house: I need the fan on ~ I need the fan off!

  7. #37 is my favorite. I laughed so hard I snorted.

  8. Love it.

    Michael's not old enough to come up with excuses but his ploy is to toss his stuffed animals and pacifier out of the crib and then wail plaintively "Monk-ee! Bin-kee!" because he can't reach them.

  9. Sometimes sensing a bear in the hallway really makes it hard for me to nap, too. Thanks for the laughs, hope tomorrows naps go better. :)

  10. For my oldest, she always has to go to the bathroom (during nap time), then I need to go in and wipe her, help her put her bottoms back on, make sure she washes and dries her hands, get her back to her room for about 30 minutes of fighting over toys with her brother, then back to the bathroom again and the bathroom process starts all over!

  11. This made me laugh so hard I was crying!!!!! All of these are so true!!!

    1. I swear they're conspiring against us and making a list...

    2. Cecilia is obviously part cat. Yesterday Tom Bombadil loved garlic bread (only a crumb, as garlic is not good for cats). Today he says it's terrible stuff. As Tim says, "it just depends."

  12. That age was a nap nightmare for Maddy. Same excuses..... but I made her stay in her room for at least an hour, and most days she fell asleep. It got better once she started going to preschool.

    1. Yeah, she's in there for 1-2 hours even if she doesn't fall asleep. I just wish she would stop waking the babies up with her antics!

  13. hahaha #31! This made me tired just reading this! She sounds creative. ;)

  14. Oh my goodness, Rosie! Jen Fulwiler just linked to this! You're famous!

  15. LOL!!! I get "I'm all done with my nap Mommy"...and it's either only been 15minutes or 1hour of playing. Oh well...she's getting closer to 3yrs old and seems to be skipping more naps but thankfully going to bed between 8-9pm (better than 9-10pm).!!! LOVE THIS LIST!!

    1. Yeah I love how they think THEY get to dictate when naptime is over... I keep telling them that IF THEY SLEEP then they decide when it's over! Otherwise they're in there until I'm ready for them to come out :P

  16. I'm here because of Jen, and I wanted to tell you that I laughed so hard at number 18 that I cried. Then I read it to my husband, but I found it so funny that I couldn't even read it out loud and he had to do it himself. I loved it, is what I'm saying.

    1. Haha thanks! I have to try hard not to laugh when we're in the moment, or she takes it as a sign of encouragement and tries harder...

  17. I'm here from Jen's 7qt linkyyyy. I laughed tears at "crotch hurtin", wanting out-grown shoe, and the bear.
    My son always claims that the floor gets too slippery for him to walk to his bedroom.

  18. Loved this list (here via Jen btw!) and just today my exuberant 2 year old girl popped up from her bed while I was putting her down and danced around saying "it's moh-nee time, it's moh-nee time!" (Morning time.) Lol...I think we're about to start hitting about 2/3 of the rest of the list! :)

  19. My favorite is that he's had a bad dream. Before he even shuts his eyes...

  20. Had my husband read through these with me...we couldn't stop laughing! The crotch pain...hahaha!!! My kid is normal!!!

  21. Love #18! And the outgrown shoe! One of my kids used to tell stories about bears who lived under our bed who wore blue hats and red shirts. She was sleeping on a crib mattress at the foot of my bed at this time. Oddly enough, it wasn't an excuse she used, just something she told us about. She seemed very slightly disturbed by these bears, but not enough to fear them!

    I am all for rest time in the room once actual naps are outgrown. I have been lucky with the first two understanding this quite well and being fine with it. number three is a firecracker; may not work out so easily with her once she gets past the napping stage!

  22. BAHAHAHA! The crotch one and the picture of her holding the baby are my definite favorites.

    My niece (she's 3) has the very best, "I neeeeeeed you!" whine. Gets her "gramma" every time.

  23. So funny!!! Mine says she cannot nap simply because she is awake!!


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