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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cecilia in her flower girl dress - she's going to be performing the role of her life on Saturday and is sooooo excited!  But I'm betting she'll freeze up or throw a tantrum when it comes time to perform - that's just her style :P
We went out today for special girl time while the twins napped (And John Paul "napped") - hair cut & Trader Joe's, super-exciting!  It felt really weird just having one child with me, and all attention was on her, with many a random stranger complimenting her on how cute she is, and how good she was being, and how talkative she is.  Normally the babies are the ones who attract all the attention when we're out, so she definitely wasn't sure how to react!
These two really do love to pose for the camera!  They're extremely proud of their newfound ability to pull up on pretty much any furniture item, although it does get rather tedious having to spot them...  Mostly I try to pile blankets and pillows around them so that when they fall, at least they have a soft landing!

 I had a headache and these two did NOT want to nap during afternoon naptime...  So I was a really good mom and gave them crackers to munch on.  You'll notice I didn't take a picture of the floor afterwards...  But it was pretty funny watching them swipe crackers from each other and eat the crumbs off the floor - no discrimination here!  Come to think of it, no discrimination from John Paul and Cecilia, who happily ate the remnants that they found...
Four years old.  FOUR.  And he looks like he's practically an adult here...  Okay, with pants that are way too long, I'll give you that!  I'm struck far too frequently these days by just how old he has gotten! 
 Also real...  Do you see Elizabeth's very very sharp bottom teeth?  Yes, I have the marks on my fingers to prove it.  Someone's favorite game is to grab a finger (preferably mine or Andrew's) and chow down!
And I just got a kick out of this simultaneous toy grab while we were taking pictures!
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  1. Beautiful! Your daughter looks so lovely.

  2. Leo has some sharp pearlies too! I try to get him to take teethers in an effort to spare my fingers but he isn't interested. After that its just trying to place fingers strategically enough to avoid as many AH! moments as possible ;)

  3. Why must baby teeth be so sharp?!? Your kiddos are adorable, as usual! Have fun at the wedding!

  4. So much cuteness in one house!
    Great pictures, thank you for sharing!

  5. So adorable! Especially Cecilia's expression, which I love!

    Gee, I hope you can get John Paul's pants shortened before Saturday. Not that he'd notice, of course.

  6. Oh my goodness those kids are adorable. :) Love the synchronized toy grab! -- Bridget

  7. So so sweet! The top two pictures of the twins are adorable and your 'biggles' are precious is their spiffy duds. I have noticed many-a-time that nice attention is given to us when I take ONE child out but rarely when I take all of them out. Societies way of saying "NOT COOL raising more than one child, you!" Of course, you got lucky and had twins and who CAN'T oogle twins, right?! :-)

  8. Cecelia looks so pretty! I bet she loved the solo outing with you!

  9. What a pretty flower girl! And John Paul looks SO grown-up in his suit!


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