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Friday, October 4, 2013

I got Cecilia a $1 bag of doll clothes at a consignment sale, so she had to dress up two of her babies AND two of her bears.

Then she read them all their "fwavowite" story and put them down for their naps.  She's been pushing them all around (together) in her doll stroller all week, and piling them into her arms to take them various places around the house.  Definitely $1 well spent!


I was worried that the weather would turn cold before all our tomatoes ripened, but this Indian summer we've been having has allowed them to hold on a bit longer!  We picked 4 green zebra tomatoes the other day and they're finishing their ripening on the counter.  The green beans, yellow pear tomatoes, and squash are still going strong, too :)


Can you even believe what a big boy this baby has turned into?

And now for some awkward class pictures leaning against a tree...

The shirt isn't stained, it's wet because he couldn't get a sticker off...

I'm thinking he might need to rock a little bit of a Bieber-style hair cut next...
He begged for a "family" picture while we were outside, then moved and stood directly in front of Cecilia when I started the camera timer...

Despite temps in the mid-80s, Cecilia felt the need to bundle up...

"Do you want to smile?"  I asked her.

"No.  Fwown."

Still in the mid-80s today, and she and John Paul spent over an hour playing outside in long sleeves, snow overalls, and snow boots.  The neighbor boys came over to play and asked why the big kids were dressed that way...
Standing long enough for me to get up, get the camera, take a picture, and put the camera back...

Actually, make that double yikes.

Because now the new fun game is opening all the cabinets while I'm trying to cook...  I've never baby proofed before, but this is a new kitchen, and these are TWINS.  We'll see how long I can hold out!


Okay, it's taken MANY hours to write these, so...  I'm just gonna be done now!

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  1. That picture of John Paul is stunning!

    And, I'm ALLL about babyproofing...anything to make life easier, I say.

    1. I mean, I move dangerous things out of reach, but I've never installed cabinet locks or anything, since they just make life harder for ME! I'm going to try hair ties on the knobs to keep the doors shut and see if that works :)

  2. Hang in there, Momma...those twins are gonna be running around faster than you can catch them soon! Beautiful photos of beautiful children. :)

  3. I haven't really babyproofed before either, but I have a feeling that is going to change in about six months or so. :) (As I type this I am watching Michael pull all his books off the shelf ...)

  4. Big things happening; beautiful pictures!

  5. I love how Cecilia wanted to "fwown" for her picture! She's too stinkin' cute!!

    1. Unfortunately she's been taking a page from John Paul's book and is becoming more and more contrary... At least she's cute!

  6. Cecilia looks so grown up in the first photo!!

  7. "No. Fwown." Love it!
    Such cute pictures, and those tomatoes look beautiful- I don't think I've ever seen zebra tomatoes before!

  8. Such awesome personalities your kids have. The look on the twins faces while going through the cabinets says you got double trouble for sure Mama! Watch out...life is about to get even more fun!


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