Theme Thursday: Lights

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taking a break from life to link up with Cari for Theme Thursday:  Lights

I had my picture all picked out for this theme the moment I saw it - this is one of the first pictures I took with our new camera last Christmas - the candles on Jesus's birthday cake with the Christmas tree lights in the background.

The only things I knew about using a decent camera is that you need to use manual focus and you shouldn't use a flash if you want a good picture.  Almost a year later, and that's still about all I know...

This picture is the background on my computer right now and brings me a real sense of peace every time I look at it.  There's just something so very beautiful about the flame of a candle.

Peace is something I need so very much right now - life is a little bit nuts with funeral preparations, taking care of the kids, getting stuff done at work (which my coworkers are helping with SO much), and trying not to go insane...

And while I'm posting, I keep meaning to do a giveaway for you all but, you know life...

So here's the thing - I got a bunch of craft things from Oriental Trading Company and made Christmas Craft Kits to share with my fellow moms (because I don't need 24 Happy Birthday Jesus stamps BUT 10 other kids might want some!), and I've got one kit left!  Rather than find someone else to buy it, I figured I'd give it away. 

I don't feel like taking pictures of the contents, but there are angel stamps, nativity stamps, a nativity sticker scene, a gingerbread house ornament kit, a candy cane ornament kit, bible story sticker scenes, and some other things I'm probably forgetting...  Best for the 3-and-up set, probably.  If you want it, enter!  You've got a week :)

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  1. That is a beautiful picture..and it does bring a real sense of peace. I can only imagine how hectic life must be for you. Prayers.

  2. That is a gorgeous photo! Really does inspire me to work more on the "tricky" shots with the camera...

  3. That is a beautiful picture, I've been praying for you and for peace for your family--I lost my father in early December when I was a teenager and I know it's a difficult season to have to deal with everything that that entails--not that there's really an easy season for it......

    Also, on a different note, I think your giveaways need a "leave a comment" option for those of us without fancy things like twitter and instagram and who are going cold turkey on facebook :)

    1. Done! Sorry about that - it's there now :)

      Thanks so much for your prayers - I'm partially thankful that this is the season this happened, because at least I have something to distract me? But it's definitely going to be a difficult reminder in years to come...

  4. Love that picture! It really is peaceful. Your family is in our prayers this weekend.

  5. That picture is beautiful and I can understand why you'd have it on your computer. You, your mom and siblings have been constantly in my prayers this past week. I hope that you will have good closure on Saturday and that precious memories will keep coming to mind.

  6. Well if that picture is from the first time out fancy camera I'd say you have a natural gift!

  7. With kids? Snowflake makin'. They look so preeeeetty afterwards, even though my kids are too young to do it at this point so its more of a craft for just me.

  8. We have been doing felt characters - reindeer and santa! Just need hot glue :) easy


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